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White water rafting in India is a challenging recreational activity using a raft to navigate a fast-flowing river. White water rafting was introduced in Sikkim & Darjeeling as an adventure sport. Since 1991, the sport has gained tremendous popularity. Himalayan Eco Resort, Sikkim along has made short course arrangements for the water lovers to experience river rafting in Sikkimon Teesta and Rangeet river
Your experience begins with a briefing session as your rafting guide takes you through the different paddling techniques, safety instructions and what to do when you fall out of the raft. You need to have no rafting experience. You will wear a helmet and life jacket throughout the experience.
And now it's time to ride nature's very own rollercoaster. You will soon discover why white water rafting is such a popular adventure experience. With your guide’s help you will battle each rapid, get wet, and then even more wet, scream, pray and finally survive the entire rapids without falling off.
If adventure is what you seek, look no further than White water rafting!! An unmatched experience dwelling on the very verge of risk & danger, the icy cold foaming & roaring waters of Teesta and Rangeet extend a challenging invitation for those willing to tame the rivers.
Himalayan Eco Resort , Namchi , South Sikkim aims to introduce the youth, school children & enthusiaststo River Rafting Short Term courses.

The Short term courses have been divided below

Three levels of water sports courses are conducted here. Basic course Intermediate course Advanced course Short Term Basic Rafting Course
Short Term Internediate Rafting Course
Short Term Advance Rafting Course

White Water Rivers (and the rapids on them) have an internationally recognized grading scale. The scales are as follows :
GRADE 1 : Flat water, no rapids, barely a splash.
GRADE 2 : Bubbling currents, small roller-coaster rapids.
GRADE 3 : Technical and exciting, needs trained guide.
GRADE 4 : Seriously big rapids, unforgiving exhilaration.
GRADE 5 : The hair raising limit.
GRADE 6 : Unrunnable, do not go for it portage around.

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