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Rock climbing in Sikkim is another challenging sport for those who love and live adventure. It involves climbing a natural rock formation or an artificial man-made one, with the sole goal of reaching its summit by using a pre-defined route.It is generally differentiated by its need for the use of the climber's hands to hold his or her own weight in order to make a balance.
Rock climbing is a physically and mentally demanding sport, one that often tests a climber's strength, endurance, agility, and balance along with his or her mental control.
Himalayan Eco Resort, Namchi has introduced short term Rock Climbing Courses . Starting from 20 ft to 80 ft, they operate all their rock climbing programs at the institute itself.
A person need not have any prior experience to try this course. Our instructors will teach you the basics of rock climbing techniques.
At a later stage, you will be taught to put up your equipments & basic rope knots used for climbing. After this you are ready to climb with our instructor who will be belaying you.
During our day rock climbing program you will also get a chance to try rappelling, a technique used to descend with the help of equipments. It is used to minimize on time consumption while descending after reaching a certain place. For this program you can choose the details of itineraries as per your convenience.

The Short term courses have been divided below

Natural Rock Climbing Short Term Course
Artificial Rock Climbing Short Term Course

The Short Term Courses n Details

Nothing quite prepares you for that huge rush of adrenaline as you reach the top of the climb. And with a professional climber as your instructor, this 2-hour session will have you sweating in no time. The indoor climbing wall is a safe and fun way to try rock climbing for the first time, or even to improve your skills. Your session will begin with a safety briefing as you learn the basic knots, belaying techniques and how not to scream like a 4-year-old child. And then up you go. Your instructor will talk you through every step as you move higher. Getting down is the best part, just let go of the wall and rappel down like a true commando. It is so much fun; you'll probably want to climb up again, just to rappel down again. Our indoor wall is actually outdoors!! Which means you can enjoy the outdoors with the safety and ease of an artificial wall.

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