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There are a number of trekking trails from Chemchey to a number of Himalayan peaks that are not at are suitable for both amateurs & professionals. Nothing is more peaceful & full of tranquility than a trekking activity & the realization of the awesomeness of Nature.
Sikkim is fast becoming one of the dream destinations for mountaineers and amateur climbers from all over the world. The trekking options are also plenty in this region. Adventure tourists usually undertake treks lasting from 2 to 10 days.
Multi-day hiking trips through mountainous terrains & snow deserts are truly a dream for every trekker. Trekking forms an integral part of the adventure sports offered by the Himalayan Eco Resort , Namchi.
There are several routes passing through snowy hills, glaciers, and valleys for adventurous trekking.


Sikkim - The Trekkers Paradise

Enfolded between the Himalayas and the Shiwaliks, Chemchey boasts of being one of the best destinations for trekking in the world. The major trekking routes are :

It is 4940m & the highest mountain pass in the Sikkim Himalaya range. The southeast face of Khangchendzonga, world's third highest peak, is viewable from the pass, which is also a base camp for those aspiring to scale the mountain.
The trek to Goecha La starts in Yuksom, where the motorable road ends at an altitude of 1770 meters.
It takes approximately seven and a half days to reach Goecha la and return to Yuksom. Key halting points are Sachen, Bakkhim, Tshoka, Phedang, Dzongri, Kokchurong, Thansing and Lamune. The initial days of the trek proceeds through dense forest cover, enters bugyals, and ends in rocky terrain. The trek is highlighted by the presence of rhododendrons of various colours during the months of April - May.

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